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Richie Begin:
Dad, Songwriter, Musician, Bandleader, Poet, Journalist...

These are a few of the hats this 21st Century renaissance man wears.

The author of hundreds of Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Country, Novelty, Children's and Spiritual songs, a couple volumes of poetry,
many magazine articles, philosophical essays and a few under appreciated screenplays - Mr. Begin lives a life motivated by the creative process - inspired by experience, examined in words and music.

RichieBegin.com is the site of award-winning vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist, bandleader, journalist, poet and essayist Richie Begin of Santa Cruz, CA. Enjoy FREE music, FREE poetry and more. Linked to Soul-University.com Northern California's most requested wedding and special events band. Peace.

Born in 1951 on the Dutch island of Aruba, he was raised in Idaho & Southern California, attended California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo - moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. in 1976. For over 30 years he has been active in the arts & entertainment scene in Santa Cruz.. As writer/columnist -critic for Good Times Magazine(gtweekly.com) he has covered the changing face of music in Santa Cruz, CA for over 30 years. He has over 1000 articles in print.

Richie Begin is the lead singer, arranger, drummer and founder of SOUL UNIVERSITY, the San Francisco Bay Area's most requested wedding and special event dance band. He performs over 200 shows a year. [Soul-university.com]

As a bandleader and singing frontman; he founded and steered to popularity soul dance show-band The Cool Jerks, new wave jazz-rock pioneers The Strain, San Luis Obispo's Park Hotel Band and many more.

Voted Santa Cruz's Best Vocalist in 1981-82 by a newspaper reader's poll, Richie has a voice that can croon an Al Green soul ballad, caress a Jazz Standard, and belt out a barroom blues shouter with equal ease. He plays the piano, bass, guitar,
but is most at home behind his set of Vintage 196 Ludwig drums or with his 1951 Gibson J150 acoustic. He's happiest in spread out on top of the bed with a pencil in one hand and a guitar in another struggling with a new lyric or melody.

He performs clubs and concerts all over California manned with only a guitar, a small PA and an iPod packed with original backing tracks all recorded at his own home studio. Richie Begin LIVE is the biggest sounding one-man-act in music.

The music of Richie Begin is as varied as a love song, easy as a summer afternoon and as hard to describe as a dream.

Songs full of passion, whimsical lyrics that can easily mean two or three things, funny songs that aren't so funny, sad songs with a happy beat, blues songs with more than one level, songs about relationships under pressure, love gone right and love gone wrong, silly songs, songs that should be classic jazz standards, rock and roll tunes that defy categorization... Mr. Begin is constantly listening for a lyric... stumbling across a melody, rummaging around for inspiration in the darndest places.

Mr. Begin writes the lyrics, arranges the music, plays all the instruments and has written and recorded well over 2000 compositions. He disappears for weeks at a time, re-emerging with notebooks full of swinging Blues shuffles, soulful Country standards, blistering Rockers, sardonic Jazz Valentines, heartfelt Ballads, and more than a few hopeful, prejudicial as well as clear-eyed Love Songs.

Richie Begin has a songbook full of songs that celebrate, challenge, provoke, inspire and always entertain the listener.
Contary to popular belief, it IS possible to think and dance at the same time.

Or, if you like, p
ut your feet up, relax, click on the links, enjoy the 5 - song DVD released in AUGUST 2006. Go ahead and listen then download full-tracks of FREE MUSIC.

Have a good laugh, a good cry, get inspired & pissed off, and if you dare; get to know an artist worth singing about: Richie Begin.




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